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giving a tinker's cuss about how you communicate
natalie at colourfulwords dot com dot au

Who is natalie green?

Hi! My name is Natalie Green.


I’m a writer, content strategist and PR consultant based in Sydney. My specialist areas are technology and business, lifestyle and entertainment, wine and parenting.


I work with clients on all kinds of projects: social media, blogs, articles, websites, industry events, books, lead nurture, direct mail, case studies, ghost-writing, press releases, newsletters, etc.


My friend, Sarah and I are co-owners of Hills District Food, a fun and fabulous online guide for eating out in Sydney's Hills District. 


I’ve written a book of my own (and one day I intend to publish one of my many unfinished works of fiction … I’ll probably finish it first though). My words have also been used by people in lots of different industries - from the best-known brands in the world to the biggest hearts on the planet.


What else? My great grandmother had originally intended to sail on the Titanic (#closecall). My personal philosophy is “We are not born winners or losers; we are born choosers.” (It used to be: “Write drunk. Edit sober” but that one made school pick up impossible).


Curious about my expertise? Start here. Check out some examples of my work here, here and here. Oh, and here. Want to have a chat about something you need help with? Get in touch.

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