A gift book for new mothers

mums are wonderful!

Mums Are Wonderful! is a book for new mothers; from one mum to another. The philosophies behind it are that it’s OK not to know what the hell you are doing, that you don’t have to suddenly, instinctually know all the answers and you don’t have to fit into someone else’s pre-conceived notion of a Good Mum.


Designed as a pick-up-putdown-with-one-hand read, it reminds mums that with a newborn, everything is normal. The book reassures that babies do not have an agenda and that other people have gone through – and are going through – the most of the same stresses as you. Most importantly, it is a daily dose of inspiration and confidence as you grow into your new demanding and wonderful role as mum.

$10.95 + postage

Format:     Paperback

Publisher: Longueville Books

Country:   Australia

ISBN:        9781920681210